Monday, January 24, 2011

Adriann's Baptism

The Big Day finally came for Adriann. She was Baptised! I still can't believe that she is 8 already. It was such a busy and fun day. My parents were in town and it was so great to have them here. Akoni baptised her and my dad got to confirm her, so that was super special. It's how she wanted it, and it will be something that she won't forget and can cherish forever.

We got a towel from one of our Grandmas when we each got baptised, so my mom continued that tradition and gave Adriann her towel. It was perfect for her! It was Hawaiian print and had her name embroidered. She loved it!

This was the table outside the room where everyone could write in her book that came. She and Grandma picked out the flowers and put her picture in a new frame she got to keep! Grandma's sure know how to spoil a girl on her special day!!

Picture of our family before the Baptism.

Adriann with Grandma and Grandpa Ekman.

Adriann and Dad before being Baptised.

After the Baptism with our Bishop.

It was such a special day. We wish that Akoni's parents could have been there too, but they are in the Philippines serving a mission for our church, so we'll let them off the hook this time!!


Matt and Amanda Ekman said...

I love her pretty dress!! Wish we could have been there :(

Anita said...

Wow, Congratulations Adriann!! I can't believe she is baptized...time sure flies. Miss you guys:)

April said...

Awww, so cute. I forgot this big day was coming up!! How fun.