Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Day and Post #300!!

So now that Christmas is a thing of the past, I actually have time to write this post. It's mostly pictures, but it's fun to look back and remember how much fun this day was.

The kids actually slept in until I think 7:30? So it was a good start to the day. We always grew up getting the morning "stair" picture, but since we don't have stairs this is what we got!

Here are the kids in their new PJ's left by Santa with their Pillow Pets that he brought them also. Who knew that a pillow, or is it a pet?, would be such a big hit! But the kids love love love them! And wouldn't you know, this was the second picture I took and you can tell the boys are already sick of pictures.....

Well it didn't take long for the kids to be excited in the pictures once they started opening presents. Kenyon wanted Lego's this year and was super thrilled to get this!

He also really wanted a Ben 10 watch, so he thought he was pretty cool.

We got Bop It for the kids and Kamden loves to hold it and get all upset when he loses. I think he has only gotten up to a score of 2 which is actually amazing for him! I held the record of 77 for a few hours, but them Akoni dominated it!

This was the Highlight of Kenyon's Christmas. He is obsessed with Lego's and so Akoni got him the Lego Indiana Jones PS3 game and I will just say that his homework is quickly completed after school each day and his room is immaculately clean! Bribery is awesome! He also got a new Oregon State Jersey. Go Beavers!

Kamden got some new Zhu Zhu pets since ours don't roll any more. He loves them!

Adriann got a few barbies. I'm so glad she is still into them!

Kenyon picked out these boots all by himself for Adriann. He did a great job, he knows his sister well!

Kenyon got some remote control cars. One is already broken. We thought they would be a big hit, but they were fun while they lasted!

Adriann got a real (cheap) digital camera! She thinks she is the bomb and loves to take pictures of EVERYTHING!!

Kamden with his car toy.

Kamden's big gift that I found for a steal on Craigslist. He loves to jump on the trampoline, but I don't like him to jump on the big one by himself during the day, so he now has this one to jump on all day inside!

Kenyon playing with his Legos, and notice all his silly bands. He never takes them off!

Adriann relaxing with all her toys.

We had such a fun Christmas. It was a relaxing and crazy day. Akoni and I got stuff too, but of course I have no pictures since I am always behind the camera . I did get a Cricut and can't wait to vinyl up my house! Now it's on to New Years and Birthdays and Babies. 2011 is gonna be a crazy year!

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Brittany said...

Looks like Christmas day was fabulous at your house! Glad it was fun. Btw every time I see the game Bop It I think of Dallas in the airport, or where ever we were waiting, playing that game in a circle when we were in Jerusalem. Do you remember that? Good times. Good times.