Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day Stuff

So I thought that I would be creative and make cookies for the kids to hand out at school instead of candy. Honestly I didn't want to go to the store and buy anything, but it took me 2 days to make these and ice them. I realized after I made 50 sugar cookies (2 kids=lots of cookies) that I couldn't just ice them normally or the icing would stick to the plastic bags they were going in. So I found an icing that hardens, but I had to let them sit over night so that the icing was totally dry. Then I had to wake up extra early so I could put them all in bags. So not fun and I think next year I will spend the few dollars that it costs and just get candy. That's what the dollar store is for right? Oh, and the kids wanted to make their own valentines. That started out as a great idea, but turned into me quickly writing out all of Kenyon's because he got tired of writing his. Next year, store bought valentines also!

This year has just been so busy and being pregnant and tired and all of that I told Akoni that we were not doing Valentines Day. I just didn't feel like we needed all the extra stress of the day to show each other how much we love each other. I will add that Akoni has been doing A LOT of dishes lately, so I know that he loves me! He knows exactly how to get to my heart. We also thought that it would be more fun to give the kids each $5 and one box of candy. They get enough junk at school and they have both been saving their money to buy things, so we gave them the money and took them to the mall.

Kenyon has been saving for a new Lego PS3 game and Adriann bought some Real Earings since she could finally change her earrings on Valentines Day! They were both sooooo excited!! Way better than just getting a bunch of candy!

Well Akoni did go against what I said and I got some beautiful roses! And I did get him some Tennis Balls, he and some friends have started playing so I figured they would definitely get used. Then we had a good dinner as a family and I made this yummy trifle. We had some friends over to share it with us and that was a perfect ending to our Valentines Day!!

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Dustin Elliott said...

That trifle looks delicious. Cute cookies :)