Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had such the best Mother's Day!! It's funny to me how on the one day that is there to celebrate Mothers all I want to do is NOTHING that has to do with being a Mother!! Well I take that back, I still loved on my kids and husband, but they did all the cooking and cleaning, it was Awesome! I even got to take a nap after church. What a life, it was a great day. The kids made me jewelry which I will cherish forever, cute cards and I got a new phone! None of the buttons were working on mine which was getting really frustrating, so Akoni took me to the store on Saturday and I got to pick out a new phone! I have been putting it off forever, I love my old phone. It's been thru a lot, even the toilet and the thing has held on! Now I have a new gadget to play with and it's kind of fun.

I hope all of you Mother's had an awesome day!!

Here are the kids in their Easter outfits, but I had them wear them for Mother's day. Don't they look nice....
and my real kids....

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