Monday, February 2, 2009

Kenyon is 4!!

Kenyon turned 4 at the end of this month. We just had a fun dinner with Todd and Ruby Staley from our ward. Ruby wanted to make us dinner and how could we turn that down, and it just happened to be on Kenyon's birthday, so it was nice to have someone come and share his cake with, so I didn't end up eating it all!!

Giving hugs to Adriann for her present, a fun Diego Art Kit!!

Todd and Ruby gave Kenyon this snake and I'm so happy I got this picture!! He was goofing off, but it's so funny!!

This is Kenyon's cake that he helped me decorate. I let him just do whatever he wanted and when he was changing the top of the sprinkle holder, the entire top came off and they all fell out onto the cake! It was a brand new sprinkle thing too, so there were a lot of sprinkles!! But that just made it so much more yummier!

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Mom & Dad G said...

I love the snake picture. I am sure he is trying to copy his dad, right Akoni! Love you