Monday, February 2, 2009

The Kids Birthday Party

So with the baby on the way and both kids Birthday's in January, we did a joint Party at Chuck E. Cheese's!! Plus most of their friends are siblings, so it was a great way to have a big fun party and put less stress on me! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Less stress?.........Never have a party at Chuck E. Cheese!! They have changed all the rules now and you can't just walk in and have a party anymore. There is a new fire code and there has to be a seat for every person, so you have to wait at the door until they have a seat for everyone in your party and then they will let you in! Long story short, it was crazy at the beginning, but luckily it all turned out fine and we all had a great time! So here are just a few pictures:

I didn't have a lot of energy to make cool cakes this year, so I decided to do the fun number cakes! Kenyon wanted a cars cake, so I just put cars on it, and Adriann is obsessed with Littlest Pet shop, so we just put some of her animals on the cake. And yes, I washed all the toys before they went on the cake!!

Just some presents they got, Kenyon would not look at the camera, so I didn't get any good pictures of him.

This was on the way home, they were asleep before we even left the parking lot, I guess they had a good time!!

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