Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Vegas Pictures.....

Here's Adriann dancing with Akoni, she thought is was soooo cool and kept wanting him to dip her like my brother did to his wife.

On the really really small balcony from our room. It was like 3 inches so we had always keep the door shut, but it was a beautiful view of the stream down below.

Adriann at the pool! It was great because the pool was only about 3 1/2 feet deep so Adriann didn't have to use her vest to swim. Yeah I know she's 6 and still can't swim, but honestly we never go swimming, so that's what we're going to do this summer is get the kids in lessons and get them swimming! But these water tube things were great for them to play with.

Kenyon on Akoni's back, he is terrified of the water (Kenyon, not Akoni!). He basically just hung out on the edge and a few times on the stairs, but he gets a death grip on you if you take him in the water!

Me and Kamden lounging by the pool!

I love this picture. The hotel room had one of those gigantic tubs that your whole family could fit in and so we filled it up with bubbles for Kenyon. This just shows how many bubbles were in the tub!! It was so much fun for him!

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