Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vegas was a BLAST!!!

We went to Vegas this weekend for my brother's wedding, I still can't believe that he is old enough to be married! Here are a few cute pictures from our trip. And I didn't get a picture of me winning $55 on a penny slot machine because I forgot my camera, but it was a great night! My sister and I went down to the casino in our hotel after I left the two older kids sleeping with Akoni and dropped the baby off with grandparents, wow what a great mother I am! Anyway, I went with $20, and left with $72.30!! So technically I didn't win $55, but that's what I won on one of the games, so I cashed out and called it a night! It was really fun, I think we were actually only in the casino for about 10 minutes while playing and then about 20 minutes while my machine had to add 5550 pennies to my account. Yeah I had to wait the whole time while it counted out each penny, only to find out after that all you had to do was push the spin button and it would count it faster! That just goes to show how often I gamble! But we had a fun time and are glad to be back home!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! They were fun to see. They make a cute couple!

How are things with your house going?

Jason and Diana said...

hey kim! cute pictures. i can't believe matt is married! crazy how time flies! way to go on the slot machines!

Jason Young said...

Kim! You are looking fantastic!! No baby weight for you huh?!!


kristib said...

Now I know what you look like with blue eyes!

I love Adriann's dress!