Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit to Oregon

We went to Oregon for a week and a half for my brother's Oregon wedding reception and to have a family vacation. IT was so much fun. We did lots of fun things, the zoo, cheese factory, multnomah falls, saw Star Trek and X-men, and ate at BV!! If you know what that is than you are cool! The next few posts are of our trip. We also got to see Akoni's parents who just got back from an 18 month mission to the Philippines, so that was fun to see them! We really missed them!

Another picture of Kenyon with his bubble muscles in my parents huge tub! He loves to take bubble baths!


Stacy said...

Looked like a blast!

Jason Young said...

I am such a bad friend!! I got so caught up in Jessica being home, that I completly forgot to call. DANG IT!!! I'm so sorry we missed you.

Marissa and Scott said...

What a fun visit! Next time you're in Portland give us a ring - we'd love to get together for lunch or something!