Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Portland Zoo

We went to the Portland Zoo while in Oregon. The elephants had a baby and so we had to see the baby. She was soooo adorable. We happened to go to the zoo on such a beautiful day. We took a lunch and just took our time and walked around and had a blast.

On the Zoo Train. Not as cool as I remember, but the kids thought it was fun.

On the Train still.

In front of the Billy Goats on the way out, and of course the kids aren't looking, OH well.

Before we were even out of the parking lot! It was an exhausting day!

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Saundra said...

I just looked at all your pics since Kamden was born. Wow, you guys have been busy. I am so excited that you got a house! Your kitchen looks beautiful! Your kids are getting so big. Adriann looks so grown up. Kenyon looks just like his dad, and Kamden is a very beautiful baby. I am sad we live so far apart and never get to see each other. I miss your friendship. Blogging is just not the same. I hope you guys are doing well. Tell Akoni hello from us.