Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never a "dull" moment!

This is what I did to Adriann's hand by total accident on Saturday night. I was cutting up some potatoes and she was unloading the dishwasher. I turned to the left and she turned to the right and we bumped into eachother. She grabbed her hand and started freaking out. I had no clue what happened. Then I looked at her hand saw a bit of blood and said "Did I just cut you?" I felt so bad because I didn't even know it had happened.

And of course it happened when Akoni was gone with Kamden. I had Kenyon and the baby at home. I also had dinner and dessert both in the oven. I thought Adriann would need stitches, so I needed to somehow get over to the Dr.s on Duty by our house. I called two people that didn't have little kids at home to see if they could come and stay with Kenyon and Monica and get my dinner out of the oven when it was done, and they weren't home. So as a last resort I called my friend Kelly who was moving into her new house, but it is right up the road from us. She said she would be there in 5 minutes. 3 minutes later my other friend Heather showed up. She had just gotten to Kelly's house after I called and said she would come over. I was so greatful. So I got Adriann into the car and drove to the doctor office. They were closed! So Akoni met me there and took Adriann to the Emergency Room. They ended up just gluing it shut and telling her to not use her hand for 5 days! Yeah right! They said if that didn't work then she would need to get stitches. I wish they had just stitched her up because try telling Adriann to not use her hand for 5 days! It will probably have to get stitched up. We keep wrapping it up so she won't use it, but I think that because it doesn't hurt she forgets. Well we will just have to see what happens in the next few days.....

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Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

That'll teach her not to unload the dishwasher anymore! Good goin' mom! :)