Wednesday, December 14, 2011

End of Soccer - Kenyon

We had another successful Soccer season! Kenyon ended up scoring 5 goals this year. He is loving soccer. He played in the U8 league this year and will play on it again next year, so he did very well for being the youngest.

They had the CSUMB Soccer players come and give all the kids their medals this year.

His whole team. They were a pretty good bunch of kids. They were undefeated! But they don't keep score, so whatever! Their team rocked!

Everyone gets a medal and a trophy for playing. Lots of people think that they shouldn't all get medals and trophies. I think it is fun. These are the years they are learning to play and see which sport they love to play. If getting trophies even if they are horrible gets them to keep playing then give them trophies! Get the kids out playing sports instead of inside not getting exercise. I see nothing wrong with everyone at these ages getting rewarded for playing. My kids love their medals and trophies and can't wait to play next year so they can get another one!

Kenyon's buddies. We are gonna keep an eye out for the kid on the left, he is amazing! He's going to the U10 league next year, he's actually in Adriann's grade, but has a late birthday. Sad that he won't be on Kenyon's team next year, they played really well together and actually made Kenyon play better.

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