Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mom visit cont....Gilroy Gardens

So we took my mom to Gilroy Gardens and had such a blast! I love this place. I had won 4 tickets from the radio to go, so we waited to go when my mom came. Luckily when she went to buy her ticket, she was going to buy a youth ticket because they are cheaper, she ended up winning her ticket!! She was the 500th youth or something like that and so she got her ticket free from the radio station that was sponsoring that day. We lucked out with the weather also. It ended up being a beautiful day. We went on tons of rides and Adriann even went on one of the big kid roller coasters with Akoni. They were having a scavenger hunt while we were there and so the kids had to go and find booths around the park and got little prizes and a candy. It was tons of fun. My mom had just visited my older sister and they went to Disneyland, so this was a lot smaller than that park, but it is totally made for little kids and there are only 2 rides that Adriann can't go on and everything else they just need chaperones, so it's perfect for our kids.

Kenyon wanted so bad to drive one of the cars this year, the line was way too long last year, so we waited it out and I must say.......he is a horrible driver!!! But he had so much fun. He kept saying, "Mom, I'm the best driver!" and in between the whiplash and being thrown around the car I had to agree with him!! It's a good thing he has years and years to practice!

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