Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Zoo

So this was our last fun thing that we did with friends during the Fall Break. We went up to the Oakland Zoo for the day and it was so much fun! I thought it was the perfect size of zoo for this age of kids. It wasn't the hugest place, so there wasn't a ton of walking for the kids to do and there was just enough animals to keep them all interested. But it was HOT!! I'm not going to complain about it though, because it would not have been fun if it was cold. They had a fun petting area where you could pet and comb the goats. And if you look at the picture of Kenyon where he is standing on the lily pad......I still can't believe that none of our kids fell in that water! I really don't think it is the smartest idea to have a pool of water with a few lilly pads on it that the kids run over. If any of them had fallen in the water that would have been the end of the trip! Here's just a few pictures, I did take a ton of the animals, but I thought the kids were cuter!

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