Tuesday, March 23, 2010

17 Mile and Cypress Point

Dad had to work late yesterday so we went to visit him. As we waited for him to get back to work we took a drive on 17 mile and stopped to take a few pictures. It was so windy right by the water as you can tell from Adriann's hair. And it was cold, but apparently she has warm blood and would NOT wear her jacket!
This was right in front of Cypress, look at the water! It was such a beautiful blue and so clear.
After we met Dad and took a drive around the course to check it out and let the kids run around. Then we had to stop at the kitchen and get a cookie!! Such a fun day, this is why I love living here.


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Oh my gosh! You have been blogging so much. I haven't checked your blog for a while, so I had lots to see. :) That little Kamden. I love that him and Kohen are so close in age. Everything they do is the same. And he for sure has dark hair!