Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Happy St. Patricks Day! I know it's late, but here's what we did. The kids got their cute Green shirts to wear so that they didn't get pinched. It was such a big deal to Adriann this year, it was so funny.

Then for dinner the kids wanted Green Pancakes and Green milk. At least they ate it because last year they would not eat their green eggs for breakfast!

The night before we made the Leppy Traps! This is Adriann gathering clovers to lure the Leprechauns into our trap.
Construction of the box.
Trap completed! The thought was that the Leprechaun would climb up the ladders to get the clovers (not sure why), and then fall thru the stuff covering the box and then they wouldn't be able to get out! Such a brilliant plan that the kids came up with!
Adriann's note, I think she somehow knew and probably wished that we would not catch a Leprechaun!
"Dear Lep. Hi my name is Adriann I was just happy that it's St. Patricks Day okay. If you don't get stuck please leave us some candy."
And Alas, we did not catch a Leprechaun this year, even though we had such a tricky trap. Maybe next year. But he did leave some chocolate gold coins, so who could really complain!

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