Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adriann's 5th Birthday

Is she really 5? Well Adriann decided that she wanted a Hello Kitty party. Since I have decided that I am going to make all of my kids birthday cakes I guess I had to make a Hello Kitty cake. It was actually really fun. The bow was the hardest part, but I think it turned out pretty good! Hey, it just got eaten in the end.


The Christensons said...

um yeah it turned out good! can you come out to "the middle of nowhere" for katie's birthday and make a cake for her?!

aprilaloha said...

Fabulous! From one birthday cake maker to another, I am very impressed. If you ever need a buzz cake, cars cake, or lady bug cake ideas, I'm your girl.

EmilyS said...

That turned our great! I'm going to attempt a Lego cake for Andrew's first birthday - I may be calling for help!