Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adriann's Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

Adriann turned 5 on January 5th, so for Adriann's Birthday with our family she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. It was CRAZY! But it was so fun! I think I would sit at the Ski Ball all night with Akoni if we had our way. We ended up getting lots of tickets, even though about half the games didn't work, and the kids got to pick out some lame toys. They really need to get new prizes. But it was a good time.

After Chuck E. Cheese we went home and Adriann got to blow out her candle on a cupcake that she made. B

Here is Adriann singing Happy Birthday to herself in true Adriann style!! Just click on the picture below.

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My Montage 1/8/08


aprilaloha said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday little princess! With all the craziness of trying to plan a surprise party for your super old 30 yr. old uncle Marc, I didn't even send you a card. Forgive me. I can't believe you're 5!!

Mom & Dad said...

I love your birthday song. I hope you will sing one for me on my birthday. Happy Birthday big girl. Love Grammie Jodi
I hope you got your card and surprise from me and Papa.