Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I promise these are the last Birthday Pictures!!

The Hoskins gave Kenyon some Pirate wall clings. They are so cool, but they kept falling off the wall onto him at night, so we had to put them on his door. They are still way cool, he loves them.

The Emonts gave him the Dinosaur and he thinks it is the greatest! Adriann keeps trying to make it play with her Barbie horse, but then when you press the button and it starts to make the dinosaur noises and stomp all over, it kind of over powers the poor horse!

Kenyon was a little tired after his big day!


Anita said...

I'm glad he liked his dinosaur! WE had fun at the little party--the girls are still talking about the bubbles.

aprilaloha said...

I want to eat him.

Christensons said...

the one of him sleeping is my favorite!