Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visit from Mom and Dad Ekman

My parents came and visited us this weekend. They could not have picked a more beautiful day to fly in. We have had lots of rain, well for here lots of rain, and it cleared up for them thankfully! The day they got here they just wanted to sit in the backyard and soak in the sun and watch the kids run around. Then we went down to the wharf. I had never been there so it was a lot of fun to walk around all the cute little shops. We even found a place with Cotton Candy!! Believe it or not, we can't find any place that sells it fresh on cannery row any more, so we never get any! Well now we know where to go to get it. We got some cute pictures while we were there.


Ilene said...

I'm glad you had good weather because those Oregonians wouldn't know what do with themselves in the rain.

I'm jealous it is like 10 degrees outside. And I'm jealous because I haven't seen my parents since August.

The Christensons said...

aww that makes me miss monterey! (dabbing eyes)