Friday, August 15, 2008

Adriann's School

Well here are some pictures of Adriann's school. It's Friday and so they can wear anything that they want to school, so I don't have the pictures of her in her uniform back yet. The pictures are of her in front of the school, at her desk, and with her teacher Mrs. Tope.


Susanne said...

What cute pictures! She must be having tons of fun in Kindergarten.

Mom & Dad said...

What a great looking school. Very "print rich" enviroment. Is there a dramatic play area with structures like a kitchen and a store? Her teacher looks great. Adriann looks great. Can't wait to see her uniform. I take it that the school system requires uniforms. I think that is great. Over here, every school has different uniforms and gym uniforms too. It is so cute and so modest. Thanks for the pictures. Love you all Mom and Dad G