Monday, August 11, 2008

I have a Kindergartner!

Did I even spell that right? I can't believe that Adriann is in Kindergarten. So it was kind of funny when I picked her up from school today. I'll back up, she was actually supposed to start last week, but we were out of town in Oregon, so she had her first day today. And we still don't have a camera, but we bought a disposable, so when I get the CD back from it when it gets developed I'll post pictures of our trip and school. So back to Adriann's first day of school. I guess that I never thought I had to teach her lunch bag etiquette. When I picked her up I opened up her enormous backpack and checked to see if she had even eaten any of her lunch. Inside I found an opened cup of applesauce and a not empty capri sun!! Did she not know that she should have thrown it away? Did she think it wouldn't spill? I had to laugh because I guess I never thought that I had to tell her those kind of things! Which gets me to thinking, what else am I forgetting to tell her that she should know? Oh well, all in all she had a great first day and was surprisingly NOT shy if you can believe it! AND, both she and Kenyon were dead asleep before 7:30! I am loving this school thing!


Susanne said...

That's hilarious that she didn't know to throw the capri sun away! Oh, and I love your background. Have you finished the book yet? :-)

The Hamlin Family said...

First of all...I can't believe Adrian is in kindergarten!!! Second...CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so excited for you. Girl or boy, at least you know your going to have a good looking baby because both your kids are so cute!!! YEA for baby #3!!!

Mom & Dad said...

Kim, You are so cute and funny.... Lunchbox ediquette, loving the sleeping early, what else is there to teach?
Sounds like you had a great trip.
Before we left on our mission, I told Dad that we would most probably have at least four new grand babies with an outside possibility of five before we came home. Thank you for making part of my wish come true. Love you all Mom and Dad G