Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another funny thing Adriann did at school

So the first day of school for Adriann we had to go to the office to check her in. The second day of school she had a dentist appointment in the morning so we had to go to the office to check her in. On her third day of school I decided to just drop her off at the curb because it lets her off RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER DOOR. So I asked her if she knew where to go and I pointed to her door and she said yes. She she got out of the car, shut the door and ran in the opposite direction to the OFFICE!! I thought it was so funny because I guess that's the only way she knew how to get to her class. So I had to go and park my car and go into her class to make sure that she made it and she did. It was pretty funny!! So today I had to make sure that she knew exactly where to go when I dropped her off and she ran right to her door!

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Jennifer Finally said...

That's way cute! I see the big secret is out. So how are you feeling?? How was your trip? I liked the book, but was hoping for a different ending I think. But I did LIKE it.