Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't be jealous of our shirts!! (reunion)

These were the shirts that we all had for the reunion. It was actually really fun that all 80+ of us had them on and whenever we would all go anywhere everyone driving by would make comments. Nobody could believe that there were over 80 of us there. This picture was taken during one of the olympic games that we played each day. It was really fun to play games with all the families. The second picture of Akoni is him actually cheating at the game we were playing!! We had to carry one glass to a bucket and fill it with water and then do a swimming stroke on the way back and dump the water into a different bucket. Well as you can tell, Akoni has 2 cups!! It's okay, we were way ahead at this point, so it didn't really matter. And my uncle had taken his glass on his turn and thrown it on the opposing team, so really we deserved an extra cup of water!

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Mom & Dad said...

Such a typical picture of Akoni! I love it! It brings back many memories! Love Mom