Friday, January 15, 2010

Adriann's 7th Birthday Party

Adriann and Kenyon's Birthdays are 3 weeks apart, so we have always done their parties together. Plus their friends have always been siblings, so it just seemed more cost effective to have a joint party. Well since all of those sibling friends have moved away, thanks military, they don't really have any friends that are from the same family.

So this year we started to plan their joint party and Adriann informed me that she wanted only girls! So I figured she was old enough that yeah she probably didn't want little boys at her party, plus she wanted to do a girl themed party. We started trying to figure out who to invite. She wanted to invite her whole school class! 25 kids! I said, how about just the girls. There are 15 girls in her class!! So then we said, how about just your girl church friends? There are a whole lot less than 15 at church. So she picked out all by herself who she wanted to come. Plus the adorable girl we carpool with since she invited Adriann to her party, you know all this party politics is driving me nuts!! So she invited some friends, had a princess themed party and it was a blast. They had pizza, made candy bracelets, played pin the jewel on the crown, ate cake, and had popcorn while watching Barbie and The Three Musketeers!!

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Jessica said...

Love the cake!! Can you tell me how you made it? Nicole would love that for her birthday next week.