Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outdated Disneyland Post - Originally from in October

I forgot to post our pictures from Disneyland, and I just found the disc with all the pictures, so here they are. Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween, it was fun to see all the pumpkins and spooky things they had set up around the park.

Kenyon's gun that he got as his souvenir.
We only got to see 3 princesses, and this was by far the prettiest!!
After you meet with the princesses they have this gift shop that has all of their dresses!! It was a little girls heaven!!
The kids got to see Mickey in his house, they were surprised! They didn't know he would be in there.

Waiting in line for the Haunted House. It was all done up like the Nightmare before Christmas. I thought the original was better, guess I'll have to go back!!

Kenyon shooting guns.

After the Buzz Lightyear game, by far one of the best rides!

Testing our strength in Toon Town.

Such a cute picture!!

Kenyon wiped out by the end. We got their at opening and stayed until they kicked us out. It was such a fun day.

The day after Disneyland. It totally rained on us here. We were so lucky to have gone on the day we did. It rained the rest of the week.

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