Monday, January 11, 2010

More Pre-Christmas Fun

We lots of fun during Christmas Break. Here are the kids decorating Gingerbread houses. I honestly couldn't get a serious picture of them, so here's the best there is.

We also did the annual trip to Macy's to write our postcard to Santa. They have this table set up with postcards that you can fill out and then put in the mailbox. They love to do it every year.

Santa gave the option of getting a candy cane or reindeer antlers after you sat on his lap this year. I loved this option!! Aren't they the cutest? It's great because Kenyon hates candy canes, and so he is always sad afterwards because he doesn't get anything from santa. So he got these this year and was so excited!

We also battled some illnesses this break. Kenyon had a few days where he was breaking out in full body hives with fevers, and then after Christmas Adriann had fevers for about 5 days! Not fun, but I'm glad it was during the break and didn't take them away from school.

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