Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition that on Christmas Eve we open all of our presents from extended family so that Christmas is just about our family. The kids had a fun time opening gifts from cousins and Grandparents. Then we set out the cookies, carrots and milk for santa and his reindeer. While we were getting the older two ready for bed we heard a noise in the front room and Kamden was in eating all the cookies!! It was the classic, I thought that Akoni had the baby, he thought I did and he didn't know that we had set the cookies out already. I forgot to get a picture because there was milk spilt and I had to get it all cleaned up. It was funny but then santa got boring plain cookies with no frosting.....oh well.

Kamden on his new toy. He loves to ride it around, now that he has figured it out!!
Adriann with her new scarfs from her aunty Rachel!!

Kenyon with his tank that I swear he sleeps with he likes it so much!

The stockings and original cookies all layed out and ready for Santa!

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