Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day

This is honestly the best picture I could get of all the kids Christmas Morning. They were too excited and Kamden just would not sit still. Santa gave them their new pajamas, and they each got a "If you give a Mouse a...." book with the matching stuffed animal. They were very excited.

Kamden had more fun with all the boxes than the actual presents. He had such an exhausting day, he took about 8 naps!

Adriann loved her princess figurines.

Kenyon with his annual jersey from Dad.

The kids big gift this year was a trampoline!! Akoni's boss gave us his old one since his kids are too old to use it anymore, and someone had given it to them, so they wanted to pass it on. It has no net and so there are lots of rules about jumping, but the kids love it!
We had such a fun Christmas with it being just our family. We would have loved to have been with extended family, but sometimes it nice to just have it be our own time. Hope you all had a good Christmas too!!

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