Saturday, May 29, 2010

Backyard progress.....

So our backyard was on hold for about a week because when we went to test the irrigation, we found out that a pipe had been broken when we put in the fire pit and so there was no water running to the hoses that we had put in.

So the guys that put in the fire pit came out and rerouted the hose and now it works! Akoni was out of town and when he got back he and his friend Tyler Finally got the huge pile of sand off our driveway and filled in the ground.

Some of the sand that sat here for a week. And the kids were told to NOT play on it. Yeah right!
Finally the pile was gone!
Pounding down the sand after the fertilizer had been put down. It smelled so disgusting!
Akoni and Tyler hard at work!
Proof that the drip lines work! See all the dark spots?

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