Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best trip to the dump yet!

Our dump has a store next to it called "Last Chance Mercantile". It is an awesome store, but is also a hit and miss store. Sometimes you get great things, like my boys dresser for $3! That was a deal. My friend just got a treadmill for $7, of course it's not very pretty, but it works and I'm jealous. Anyway, we were there a few weeks ago, and there were two pairs of rollerblades. NICE, BARELY USED Rollerblades! Only one side of the wheels were worn down, and not very far. We asked how much they were, and the lady gave them to us for $5 a piece! The best $10 we have spent in a long time.

They have been the best purchase for our kids. I am not even kidding that the minute Adriann walks in the house she has those blades on. It's really funny because they will just skate around circles in our garage! Of course they are not very good at skating yet, but they are getting better and having a ton of fun!

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