Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Saturday.....

We are really wanting to have a nice backyard, but just don't know what to do with it. We keep pulling the weeds and then don't do anything and so then they all grow back with a vengeance! So yesterday Akoni brought home a dump truck, a weedwacker, some shovels, rakes, a wheelbarrow, blower and a big pick ax thing. We made some real progress and it's actually starting to look like we can make it look good!

Here are some before pictures of the yard.

And this is after! Akoni weedwacked all this and then we had to hand pull everything out, so not fun.

This part of the yard still looks like this. It got weekwacked, but nothing else. We are going to put some big planter boxes on this side of the house, and the trampoline goes over here, so it's gonna stay like this for a while.

Just another angle of this side of the yard. The trampoline will be moved back over around the side of the house.

This was the worst part of the yard. We are going to put grass on this part and so we had to use shovels and scrape up the top layer of weeds. Watching Akoni do it it looked so easy, but then when I was doing was HARD! I had to use the pickax and break up the ground so that I could even get my shovel under any of it. We still have to finish the rest of that grass. So guess what we're doing for family night?
So it is finally coming along, but it's actually fun to be doing it ourselves. The kids had fun filling buckets and going and dumping them in the dump truck. Hopefully they will still think it's fun tomorrow!!

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April said...

Nice! Looks good.