Friday, May 7, 2010

Cloth Diapers? Let's try 'em out! (beware I use the word poop a lot)

So a friend of mine at church is totally an advocate for Cloth Diapers. She even works at a store where they sell them and has had me thinking that maybe I should try them. I know that in the long run they will save money, because Kamden will be in diapers for probably at least 2 years, maybe longer. So if I calculate that I spend about $40 a month on a box of diapers from costco which I think lasts a month? And these cute Fuzzybunz are $18, then yeah it totally makes sense to use them. So I bought one because it was bright Beaver orange and on sale, and am trying it out. It's actually not bad. You can even buy poop liners that you put in the diaper so when they poop you throw it out and hopefully there isn't any on the diaper! I have yet to have him poop in it. So far it's pretty easy, but I want to see how hard it is when he does have a poopy one. So I might change my mind. But aren't they cute? And these are the one size kind, so you just adjust the snaps and can use the same ones until they are potty trained. I thought that was better than having to buy all different sizes. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.And Amber, I won't make you change him if we're ever at your house and still using them!


Susanne said...

I've debated about using cloth diapers. You'll have to let us know how it works out!

And congrats on the running! That's awesome!

Emily K. said...

My little sister, who's having a baby any day, is using cloth diapers. She nannied for a family who used them, and said she would never go back. She is sewing all of her diapers, by hand, though. They are so cute, though, I agree.