Tuesday, April 19, 2011

37 Weeks!!

I had an appointment today and was told that the baby hasn't even dropped yet! What? How much lower can this baby get? I sit down and my legs go numb! Oh well, I still technically have 3 weeks left and I want to go 1 week longer than that, I know I'm crazy, but I need the baby born closer to the end of school. Soooo I guess it's good that the baby still has a ways to go.

(Edited) I need the baby to come closer to the end of school because of the time Akoni can get off for work and then I will have to run the carpool after he goes back to working!! So the less days I have to do it, the better!!

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Brittany said...

You look great! Why do you want the baby to come closer to the end of school?