Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break part 3 - Family came to visit

Our final fun of Spring Break was when we got back from Palm Springs and Akoni's brother Aries, wife Liz and their 7 kids came to stay with us for the week! It was such a blast and I couldn't have asked for better house guests. They were awesome! I am so sad that I didn't even get a picture of all the cousins together, but we did go to Carmel beach one of the days and so I got 8 out of the 10 kids playing in the ocean and the sand.

These two were so cute together. Can't wait for them to get older.

I think Kenyon was the only one that didn't get sunburned at all, and that was only because he didn't take off his sweatshirt that he lives in!

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Marissa said...

What a fun visit! I love hanging out with Liz and Aries. :) Hope you're feeling ok. Only a few weeks to go right? Hang in there Kim! :)