Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter this year was super fun. My favorite part is dying the eggs. I usually buy each kid an 18 pack of eggs, but I somehow did not think ahead and they each got only 10 eggs. Well Kamden got 5, but that was enough for him! I backed off this year and just let the kids do it all by themselves and they did a fabulous job!

Kamden with his eggs that he dyed all by himself. I only had to help him get them out of the dye because his little plastic tool kept bending and he couldn't get the egg out.

Adriann getting creative with the colors.

Kenyon all finished. This is the only serious picture I could get out of him.

Easter morning the kids woke up and found their baskets. Adriann was so excited to get Tangled!! We had a blast watching it after church.

Kamden got a frog toy for the bath.

Kenyon got a new Skating game for the PS3. See what I mean about him not being serious for pictures? Oh well.
Overall it was a very fun Easter. The egg hunt went quick in the morning and then lots of candy was eaten all day!! I totally forgot to get a picture of them all dressed up nice for church. With our church at 9am, we were totally rushed because of the egg hunt and baskets. So next sunday I'll get a picture of them all looking nice!

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DianeM said...

Cute pics from Easter. I laughed when I saw your comment on my blog this morning because I had a dream about you guys last night. It was so funny...you moved into the house next to ours and didn't realize we lived there until you moved in. Then all my YW girls started flirting with Akoni and I had to get them to back off!! Love it! Hope you're all good:)