Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break part 2 - Palm Springs

Part 2 of our Spring Break took us over to Palm Springs for our Annual get together with my side of the family. My parents get a house there every year and my sisters and brother and I all meet there and have a fun week of swimming, golfing and relaxing.

We were able to go to church while we were there and this is the kids in the parking lot after.

Akoni celebrated his 32nd Birthday and we had some yummy Chocolate cake by the pool!

Kenyon hanging out in the Hot Tub! It was so nice, even though I could only sit in it for 5 minutes at a time, it was still very enjoyable!

Adriann and her cousin paige in the Hot Tub. The big pool was freezing and the kids would jump back and forth between it and the hot tub. I don't know how they did it. I would have died if I had gotten in the big pool.

Another fun amenity of the house, the Jacuzzi!! The bubbles would literally overflow if you turned on the jets! The kids had a blast and I loved to be able to lay in it and have my entire stomach covered! I wish I had one of these at home.....

Kamden had fun for about 3 minutes till he slipped under the bubbles and we couldn't see him! I had to fish around for him and then he wouldn't get in the tub anymore after that without me. It was a pretty deep tub and he hated the jets, so it wasn't his favorite.

My parents treated us married kids to dinner at Cheesecake factory and watched the 6 grandkids so we could enjoy a night out!! It was so much fun and I had the best cheesecake every, The Red Velvet one!! I ate it for like 3 days, it only lasted that long because it was so rich and I thought I would go into sugar shock if I ate more than a few bites at a time!

More fun by the pool. I barely saw Adriann the whole week, she lived in the pool.

My sister made these cute little Easter nests to go with the BYU blue Peeps my mom bought hopefully for celebration, but ended up being eaten in sadness to their loss.

Akoni eating my killer banana split that I made him.

We went to one of the other pools in the community we were staying in because the other pools were heated. The kids had a blast with Akoni, but I had gotten so sun burned the day before and sat in the shade and took pictures.

It was such a fun Spring Break, we look forward to going to Palm Springs every year. We were also able to see our good friends the Tangs, Akoni got to go golfing a few times, and I went shopping one day with my sister. It was perfect weather, I thought, in the 70's or 80's something like that. We can't wait to go next year.

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Brittany said...

Wow looks like so much fun! What great weather... And that jacuzzi tub looks like heaven! So glad you had a killer spring break!