Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium

I am not sure how I had the energy to do this, but I took the kids to the Aquarium on Saturday. Yeah, Saturday, all by myself! What was I thinking? Anyway, it turned out to be really fun! The kids had a blast and I got to see a new exhibit that I didn't know was there. We got Pink Flamingos and if you continue to walk thru their exhibit you come out to another area that has all these turtles! They are so adorable! The octopus was also out and swimming around which was the coolest thing I have ever seen. You aren't supposed to use a flash if you take their picture, so none of mine turned out. But it was amazing!

The signature aquarium picture in the clam shell. Kamden had just finished playing in the splash zone and was soaked.

At the seahorse exhibit.

At the penguin exhibit.

Notice Kenyon's toy animal in this picture? It's a mini Penguin that he has not stopped carrying around! He brought his money with him and wanted to buy something, and that's what he picked out! It's actually really cute, and now he wants to save his money to buy it a big mom penguin.

This was the sucker that Kamden got. He was such a mess, but it kept him in the stroller.

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Brittany said...

I totally give tad suckers to keep him in the stroller too! Best thing ever... I always take at least 5 dum dums with me when i go to the mall! They are magic! Haha! Btw I LOVE your new family pic at the top... You've got a gorgeous fam!