Friday, April 22, 2011

Girls night out!

I can't believe that I took my camera and didn't get any pictures! Anyway, last night I got to use my gift card to go and get my pedicure. 2 other friends came along and it was so much fun! I really think that I could get used to doing that more often.......Anyway, then we met some other friends at LaLla Grill for dinner and went to frozen yogurt after. It was such a fun night and much needed. I feel today like I got a recharge. I've been having a tough time with the kids lately and feeling so uncomfortable being so pregnant. It was great to be able to just unwind for a few hours and not have to worry about anyone or anything. And apparently the kids put themselves all to bed!! I asked Akoni how it went and he said that Adriann came to tell him goodnight and when he went back to tuck her in Kenyon and Kamden were already asleep! How awesome was that?

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April said...

Was Akoni playing x-box when the kids decided to put the themselves to bed? hahaha